Monday, April 23, 2007

We are the media

Uma apresentação inteligente, actual e que todos os marketeers deviam ver. Como diz Rupert Murdoch: "Agora são as pessoas que estão em controlo". Esta realidade requer que as marcas, produtos ou serviços interiorizem este fenómeno pois é altura de permitirmos que tal aconteça.

An actual and clever presentation that every marketeer should see. As Rupert Murdoch says: "Now it's the people who are taking control". This reality requires that brands, products and servicies think this way and let it go.


Alain Thys said...

Hi Suug

Obrigado !

Luckily you provide translations in your posts as well, or I would have been a little lost.

Still, now I can thank you for the "must read" status you've given my presentation, which is in fact more than I had hoped for.

I'll try and stay worthy of your praise.


suug said...

You're welcome. What you defend is what I think and what I defend about the changes the media are facing. Keep up the good work